Interview mit unserem 1. Vorstand, Herrn Herbert Marienbornhauser

Brbeuf had once been ordered by the Father Superior to write down the visions, revelations, and inward experiences with which he was 392 favored,"at least," says Ragueneau, "those which he could easily remember, for their multitude was too great for the whole to be recalled.""I find nothing," he adds, "more frequent in this memoir than the expression of his desire to die for Jesus Christ: 'Sentio me vehementer impelli ad moriendum pro Christo.' In fine, wishing to make himself a holocaust and a victim consecrated to death, and holily to anticipate the happiness of martyrdom which awaited him, he bound himself by a vow to Christ, which he conceived in these terms"; and Ragueneau gives the vow in the original Latin. It binds him never to refuse "the grace of martyrdom, if, at any day, Thou shouldst, in Thy infinite pity, offer it to me, Thy unworthy servant;" "and when I shall have received the stroke of death, I bind myself to accept it at Thy hand, with all the contentment and joy of my heart."Herr Marienbornhauser spricht in diesem exklusiven Interview ber unseren neu eingefhrten Casino Bonus und welche Auswirkungen dies auf neue Mitglieder haben knnte.

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I do not know what report M. Gaudais has made to you, but family interests and the connections which he has at Quebec should cause him to be a little distrusted. On his arrival in that country, having constituted himself chief of the council, he despoiled an agent of the Company of Canada of all his papers, in a manner very violent and extraordinary, and this proceeding leaves no doubt whatever that these papers contained matters the knowledge of which it was wished absolutely to suppress. I think it will be very proper that you should be informed of the statements made by this agent, in order that, through him, an exact knowledge may be acquired of every thing that has taken place in the management of affairs. *M: Wir haben die Zeichen der Zeit erkannt. Heutzutage kmpfen die Kleingartenvereine doch um ihr berleben, weil keine neuen Leute mehr kommen. Das ist auch bei uns der Fall. Aus diesem Grund haben wir uns vor ein paar Monaten dazu entschlossen, einen Casino Bonus einzufhren. Wir wissen, dass sehr viele Leute in online Casinos spielen, und haben selbst in unserer Anlage immer wieder Mitglieder und Angehrige gesehen, die auf solchen Seiten gespielt haben. Deswegen haben wir uns mit dem Casino Bonus eine Art Lockmittel ausgedacht, um neue Mitglieder zu gewinnen. Wer bei uns Mitglied werden will, bekommt am Ende

[3] This story is taken from the Relation of 1647, and the letter of Marie de l'Incarnation to her son, before cited. The woman must have 313 descended the great rapids of Lachine in her canoe: a feat demanding no ordinary nerve and skill.In England Parliament met on the 31st of October, and Lord North now moved, in a Committee of Supply, for forty-five thousand seamen for the service of the following year; and in a warm debate, in which Mr. Luttrell made a severe charge of maladministration at the Admiralty, and of the most shameful corruptions and peculations in that department and in the Commissariat, he called for the production of the necessary papers to enable him to substantiate these charges.Casino bonus

* N. Y. Colonial Documents, IX. 279.des erfolgreichen Antrags von uns einen CasinoBonus in Hhe von 50 . Die kann er dann im Casino sein

The Jesuits were deeply moved. They consulted together again and again, and prayed in turn during forty hours without ceasing, that their minds might be enlightened. At length they resolved to grant the petition of the two chiefs, and save the poor remnant of the Hurons, by leading them to an asylum where there was at least a hope of safety. Their resolution once taken, they pushed their preparations with all speed, lest the Iroquois might learn their purpose, and lie in wait to cut them off. Canoes were made ready, and on the tenth of June they began the voyage, with all their French followers and about three hundred Hurons. The Huron mission was abandoned.Sir Hercules Langrishe " " 45,000er Wahl einsetzen. In den drei Monaten seit Einfhrung der Casino Bonus Aktion haben wir sehr gute

But though Pitt ceased to be a Parliamentary reformerand by degrees became the most determined opponent of all reformhe yet made an immediate movement for administrative reform. He took up the plans of Burke, praying for a commission to inquire into the fees, gratuities, perquisites, and emoluments received in the public offices, with reference to existing abuses. He stated that, alreadyacting on the information of reports of the Board of Commissioners appointed in Lord North's timefixed salaries, instead of fees and poundages, had been introduced in the office of the land-tax, and the Post Office was so improved as to return weekly into the Treasury three thousand pounds sterling, instead of seven hundred sterling. Similar regulations he proposed to introduce into the Pay Office, the Navy and Ordnance Office. He stated, also, that he had, when out of office, asserted that no less than forty-four millions sterling was unaccounted for by men who had been in different offices. He was ridiculed for that statement, and it was treated as a chimera; but already twenty-seven millions of such defalcations had been traced, and a balance of two hundred and fifty-seven thousand pounds sterling was on the point of being paid in. In fact, the state of the Government offices was, at that time, as it had long been, such that it was next to impossible for any one to get any business transacted there without bribing heavily. As a matter of course, this motion was strongly opposed, but it was carried, and Mr. Francis Baring and the two other Comptrollers of army accounts were appointed the Commissioners.Erfahrungen gemacht: Wir konnten einen Mitgliederzuwachs von 14 % feststellen! Dies lag ber unseren Erwartungen, hat uns aber auch in unserer Annahme besttigt, dass die Leute zu uns kommen, wenn es einen Casino Bonus gibt.

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Quebec, kill the governor, lay waste the town, and then attack Three Rivers and Montreal. * This time, at least, the Iroquois were in deadly earnest. Quebec was wild with terror. The Ursulines and the nuns of the H?tel Dieu took refuge in the strong and extensive building which the Jesuits had just finished, opposite the Parish Church. Its walls and palisades made it easy of defence; and in its yards and court were lodged the terrified Hurons, as well as the fugitive inhabitants of the neighboring settlements. Others found asylum in the fort, and others in the convent of the Ursulines, which, in place of nuns, was occupied by twenty-four soldiers, who fortified it with redoubts, and barricaded the doors and windows. Similar measures of defence were taken at the H?tel Dieu, and the streets of the Lower Town were strongly barricaded. Everybody was in arms, and the Qui vive of the sentries and patrols resounded all night. **395 Several of the priests set out to follow and console the scattered bands of fugitive Hurons. One embarked in a canoe, and coasted the dreary shores of Lake Huron northward, among the wild labyrinth of rocks and islets, whither his scared flock had fled for refuge; another betook himself to the forest with a band of half-famished proselytes, and shared their miserable rovings through the thickets and among the mountains. Those who remained took counsel together at Sainte Marie. Whither should they go, and where should be the new seat of the mission? They made choice of the Grand Manitoulin Island, called by them Isle Sainte Marie, and by the Hurons Ekaentoton. It lay near the northern shores of Lake Huron, and by its position would give a ready access to numberless Algonquin tribes along the borders of all these inland seas. Moreover, it would bring the priests and their flock nearer to the French settlements, by the route of the Ottawa, whenever the Iroquois should cease to infest that river. The fishing, too, was good; and some of the priests, who knew the island well, made a favorable report of the soil. Thither, therefore, they had resolved to transplant the mission, when twelve Huron chiefs arrived, and asked for an interview with the Father Superior and his fellow Jesuits. The conference lasted three hours. The deputies declared that many of the scattered Hurons had determined to reunite, and form a settlement on a neighboring island of the lake, called by the Jesuits Isle St. Joseph; that they needed the aid of the Fathers; that without 396 them they were helpless, but with them they could hold their ground and repel the attacks of the Iroquois. They urged their plea in language which Ragueneau describes as pathetic and eloquent; and, to confirm their words, they gave him ten large collars of wampum, saying that these were the voices of their wives and children. They gained their point. The Jesuits abandoned their former plan, and promised to join the Hurons on Isle St. Joseph.Es sieht zurzeit ganz danach aus. So viele Mitglieder wie in den letzten drei Monaten hatten wir noch nie in drei Monaten. Wir konnten zum ersten Mal seit vier Jahren eine dreimonatliche Steigerung der Mitgliederschaft feststellen. Bisher war es so, dass fast monatlich ein Mitglied seine Mitgliedschaft bei uns aufgekndigt hat. Nun sind wir stolz, verknden zu knnen, dass der Trend ins Gegenteil umschlgt. Und das alles nur durch den Casino Bonus! Es ist schon faszinierend, wie leicht man die Dinge zum Positiven wenden kann. Man muss nur Ideen haben und mit der Zeit gehen, dann kann einem alles gelingen! Unser Verein ist dafr das beste Beispiel.